What is Subworld?

Well as we all know Subworld: End Prologue is a prologue introduction to the up coming 2018 game, Subworld. but what exactly is, Subworld?

Well the dictionary describes as subworld in fiction as:

Noun: in literary theory, a world 'created' by a character within a text world or fiction, for example through a flashback or reminiscence on the part of the character; the subworld is subordinate to but not part of the text world.

So here you are trapped in a fictional world, the thin line between your fantasy and reality determine the fate of your humanity. You play the teenage protagonist, trapped in the Subworld and must find your way back to the real world. On your way you will meet all the strange and wonderful, but equally as dangerous, denizens of Subworld. How you deal with them is down to your conscious. You might fight them, befriend them, talk them down or simply choose to ignore them. Remember, Subworld, though a world unlike your own, is also very much alike to your own, and your relation to it will have a profound impact on the outcome of the game itself.

But remember: Imagination, Creativity and Inspiration are your greatest assets.

Featuring a multi layered story system with several paths and several endings. Try to save the entire world or erase it.

A brand new battle system, with the "write or fight" principle. As a human with the ability to create, you have the power to use words against the fictionals of Subworld.

An original soundtrack by Alyx Jones, composer to games such as Elise: Unpainted Memories, GemAja and I'm Lost.

Hundreds of NPC's, each with their own personality and contribution to Subworld. Befriend entire cities, or slaughter entire populations. Go on, the game won't judge you.... will it?

The world of Subworld is a unique fictional setting in which the characters are aware of their fictional state. Some have come to accept it and go about their day in complacent ignorance that their fates are predetermined. Others who ever are resistant to their lot in life, constantly fighting the status quo of their environment, yet in the back of their minds is the constant nagging little question, is their rebellious nature also a part of the story to which they are bound? Subworld is unique in it's setting and point of view. The saying “I think therefore I am” is constantly second guessed with, “Do we actually think?”

But what bought this invention of the pen and mind to become self aware? That is the mystery. Could it have been a deliberate act by the author of the world, locked away high in an impenetrable fortress? Did the mysterious Tea Lady have a hand in it? Or could some great tragedy have unhinged the mind of the Author that forced his world to become the mad reality it is now? None can say. But it happened, and that may have become more of a curse than a blessing.

You are the 11th child. Bought in from the real world by accident or chance, you cannot say. But as you advance on your adventure, you begin to find that the fate of Subworld may very well be in your hands. Armed with your Inspiration, Imagination and Creation can you save Subworld and your self.

Do you even have to?

Just remember, not everyone is written to be the hero.....


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Nov 05, 2017

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