So yeah, one of those Devlog thingies...

It’s always hard for me to open a blog of any kind. I’ll admit much harder to keep these things updated as I develop the game. But I know that eventually people may want to look back on the project for what ever reason. Who knows, maybe it will be a hit game or an unequivocal disaster. If it;s the latter, then I hope people can learn from my mistakes.

First of all, the important question is; "What is Subworld?"

Yea I guess it sounds like some sort of a game based on some kind of BDSM fetish right? And that’s exactly what it is.

No really, all joking aside. Subworld is a game that tries to push beyond the boundaries of the characters in a fictional setting and on the world in which they live and develop when the creator is no longer around?

Or in this case, has returned.

You play the teenage protagonist, trapped in the Subworld and must find your way back to the real world. On your way you will meet all the strange and wonderful, but equally as dangerous, denizens of Subworld. How you deal with them is down to your conscious. You might fight them, befriend them, talk them down or simply choose to ignore them. Remember, Subworld, though a world unlike your own, is also very much alike to your own, and your relation to it will have a profound impact on the outcome of the game itself.

Of course creating a game this complex doesn’t happen overnight, so I can’t at this point guarantee a final release date, but I will work on a short demo so you can at least try it out.

Like I said, not so great at this blog thing, but I will try to keep up. Thanks for reading and welcome to Subworld.

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