Write or Fight?

The six attributes are decided through interaction with the populace of Subworld and your combat situations. For example you have a choice to Write or Fight in combat. Both can be as deadly as the other, but writing has more of a creative edge to it and gives you more choice in interaction, where as fighting is pure and simple destructive act. That said, you don;’t kill characters in this game, you erase them quite literally from existence, perhaps one of the darkest acts they player can do in the game. This action can have a profo und impact on the path your character takes and the stories eventual out come. Conversly, you can save a character as if saving him in file and revive him… or maybe rewrite him. Again, Saving does not inescapably haver to be mercy as rewriting a character can be an act of enslavement. Again, every action in Subworld has an impact on you as the player charcter and the Subworld itself. Choose your actions wisely.

Inspiration, Imagination, Creation

These are the three words you will hear a lot of in the game. But what do they mean? How do they apply to you and the world around you? Well the game is written to be open to interpretation and I hope you will take what you can from those three words. However, don’t underestimate their meaning or their power. You may find that they maybe more important than XP, Gold or Stat.

Nihilism, Disincentive, Destruction

Nihilism, Disincentive, Destruction are all opposites that make the fictional world of Subworld crumble. Constantly at odds with their opposites, even the citizens of Subworld succumb to them eventually. These attribute represent your destructive nature, both withing and without. Devoid of hope, joy and imagination, these attribute give you the power to destroy Subworld in it’s entirety. The stronger you become in these attributes, the more Subworld fades in your wake. Balance the six attributes well enough and you could achieve power beyond your imagination. But be careful, as the nature of the opposites are to cancel each other out, and true balance may just be outside of your reach.

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