A human's relationship to Subworld

Humans have power in Subworld. They can either create it and influence it, or they can destroy it. This makes them especially feared and mistrusted in Subworld, be they a writer or fighter. With their constant struggle against the author’s depression destroying their world and his angst writing creating new threats, any human that enters their realm, though very few and far between, are considered a threat by the denizens there.

And yet at the same time some see hope in humanity despite their fear. It is after all the act of creation that can save them from potential nonexistence. Humans after all are the only ones who can create and give life in Subworld. Fictionals can write but their writing does not give life or action in the same way a Human’s does. They are limited to their created purpose, nothing more. Which means the only thing they can do is fight you. Whether this is out of fear or mistrust is down to their relationship to you. The question is, will you write or fight?

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